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Autodesk inventor sweep 3d sketch

autodesk inventor sweep 3d sketch

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You can also use cheap mother of the bride dresses a 3D sketch to create surface edges.
Before you enter 3D Sketch mode.
In the sweepstakes max 2D environment: Click a face or plane to set the location of the default 2D sketch.When youre finished selecting the points, right click and select continue to finish drawing the line or spline.Create the 2D cross section in a 2D sketch and then create the centerline or sweep path in a 3D sketch.Once youve created the sketch above, the next step is to turn on one of the Origin Planes that will run perpendicular to the sketch you just created.Create a part in an assembly to use the location of other components in a 3D sketch.Start by Drawing 2D Geometry.On the ribbon, click Assemble tab.The final 3D model should look something like the image below, depending on how you drew your sketches.

Create the 3D sketch in the active part file of an assembly to reference component placement.
Create the 2D profile to sweep along the path in the 2D sketch.
Use 3D line or 3D spline to select work points and vertices on components to create the sweep path, right-click, and then select Finish 3D Sketch.Select the profile and path, and then click OK to complete the sweep feature.The Sweep Tool allows you to extrude along a path or a curve and is found under Create discount world ashton in the Model Tab.The implementation of this 3d sweep is how you make the acme and butress threads, by using the 3d sketches helix for the path.Once you have completed Step 3, create a new sketch on the XZ plane.