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Broc raiford bunny hop contest

broc raiford bunny hop contest

Full Name: Broc Raiford, broc, welcome to the Dans Comp family!
Volume just discount chinese restaurant released your signature, bourbon Street handlebars how do you feel about having your own signature part?
Also, Id like to thank my parents for being so supportive and loving.
First clip on the first day I tried hopping this high speed rail/stair gap and slightly clipped the rail on the way.
Dont get me wrong, I love being home and seeing my friends, family, and girlfriend but other than that, Louisiana doesnt have much to offer from a BMX riders point of view.For the intensity of the spot and speed I came out alright, but as we rolled away, my ankle had swollen up to the size of an baseball.Broc Raiford 2017 Dan's Comp Video Broc Raiford.I am pretty stoked to see where 2013 takes me!It means a lot.I absolutely love it though and the painted tattoo flash is just another way satisfy my love for art and tattoos.I appreciate it all and cant show it enough!Tattooing is something that is still fairly new to me and Im currently still learning the ropes.They were older than me but still took me around to film and hangout.2013 is already lining up pretty well.Ill be back on it soon!You can follow me and check out my drawings on instagram @brocafloka!

Youll have to wait it out for that one.
We agreed on doing a concept-based video to swit.
Prepare to have your mind blown.I cant thank the guys at Volume enough for allowing me to have this opportunity.I believe everyone can hop high if they think about it like jumping over something on foot.After that Volume has a bunch of trips planned out to continue to film for the full length DVD.You are into art and tattooingyouve been posting painted tattoo flash on your Instagram.To be honest, I use being home as little as possible as my motivation to get out there and put in work.