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Cake contest 2016

cake contest 2016

First, second and third-place prizes were given in the Adult Division and are listed below.
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Where It All Began by Mary Jo Slowinski.
Roll up your sleeves, read the rules, and get baking!
Dont miss the photo gallery at the bottom of this post.International Day of Radiology cake competition explains the inspiration and production of the winning cake.We spent an entire day together baking cakes, carving them into the various organs and bones, and then carefully assembling the parts in the pans to bake.The winning cake (cross section my father and I set out to create a cake that would celebrate the International Day of Radiology in an anatomically accurate, yet whimsical fashion while highlighting radiologists hst rebate new home calculator unique skills to see inside the human body to spot injuries and.Scott Harter, is a radiologist and Chief of Radiology Consultants in Little Rock (Arkansas, USA) and I am a confectioner.It turned out to be a truly unique project.

The sweetest looking ribs weve ever seen.
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Honorable Mentions: Minnie's Garden of Wishes by Annette Jensen.Second Place: Panda Cutie by Ashley Strayer, third Place: Aircraft Carrier by Kenton Purvis, judges' Choice: Bee-Original by Kaylee Rose.We're happy to present what we believe to be the best contest to participate in for one simple reason: even if you don't win, you still get to eat cake!The top simulated an x-ray of a scout film CT of abdomen and pelvis.Once again the Festival featured a Cake Contest and Auction.Website showing in the wrong currency for you?Registered Office: Studio 104, 3 Edgar Buildings, George Street, Bath, BA1 2FJ.