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Contest mail format

contest mail format

CT doesn't handle prefixes such as FR5ZQ/J correctly.
Below is a list of the code with corresponding modes.
Address-country: text US Postal Service name for the country of your mailing address.Assisted NON-assisted category-mode: The category-mode must be one of the following.This file is version.0.Arguments are separated with a semicolon.Category-transmitter: ONE, category-overlay: TB-wires, claimed-score: 24, ebay email gift card code cLUB: Yankee Clipper Contest Club.Remarks The Remarks identifier is used to mark where the Remarks begins.TDate, arguments describe the beginning and ending dates of the contest.Start-OF-LOG: version-number.X, must be the first line of the log submission.

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Please spell OUT THE club name!
RPoCo, argument describes the postal code of the responsible operator.
Remarks lines Remarks lines are where the station may write comments to the test.
Jump to Cabrillo v2, cabrillo File Version 3 Header for the CQ WPX Contest.Log program cannot identify WWLs, dxccs etc.X- anything : text Lines beginning with X- are ignored by the robot and log checking software. .For rookie, enter: category-overlay: rookie For tribander/single element, enter: category-overlay: TB-wires certificate: text Indicate whether or not you wish to receive, if eligible, a paper certificate sent via postal mail.All fields in the QSO record is written on the same line, and ending with ascii characters 13 and 10 (CR LF).Rhbbs Argument describes the Bulletin Board System or electronic mail address of the responsible operator.MOpe1 Arguments describe the operators participating in the contest, line.Exception: See X-QSO below.