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Contests ideas incentive prize

contests ideas incentive prize

Most of ikatehouse coupon code september 2015 our club marketing packages amount to approximately 10 of the prize value, with variations subject to the contest mechanics at play.
Sales managers have competition in their gamification DNA.
In this guide, Ill cover 25 clever ideas for your next social media giveaway, including types of contests, prize ideas, and some contest page best practices.
Recognize employees who talk up your company.
Where there are large departments, a number of leagues or divisions can compete.Chances are, its full of a few active customers, tons of inactive ones, and even more people who are interested in your products but have never actually purchased anything.However, sometimes adding fields to your giveaway can help your post-contest sales efforts.Basically, it takes something that can be quite vague (i.e.

The first server or bartender to sell TWO bottles of wine takes the 10 bill from the person who sold one.
Creating a hashtag for your social media giveaway allows you to link your entries and more accurately measure your engagement.
Use a third-party app (like Wishpond) that allows users to upload their own photos to a gallery where they can see others entries.If youre lucky, youll find more employees working hard to spread the good name of your organization to both the near and far community.Over the last five years, Ive had the pleasure of designing and implementing employee and manager incentive and recognition programs for many of the Top 100 restaurant chains.When it comes to optimizing your giveaway page, youll want to consider different types of visitors.Because of this, you may want to consider running your social media giveaway within a Facebook tab, making it more accessible to potential entrants who visit your page for other reasons.Ive never been a big fan of awarding small cash rewards as a prize, because it has no trophy value.Of course, these people will only be potential customers if theyre interested in your industry.The fact is, you dont have to show appreciation for any team memberjust like you dont ever have to brush your teeth eitheronly the ones you want to keep.Though contests are great at any time, Im of the opinion that theyre much more engaging when they revolve around some central theme.