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Creosote sweeping logs review

creosote sweeping logs review

Overall, are chimney cleaning logs worth the money?
I believe the logs can offer two things.
Unfortunately, as the warm gasses travel up the chimney they come into contact with the colder chimney flue causing the unburnt particles to condense and adhere to the inside of the flue.What if there's a fire going when the creosote dislodges?However, burning wood in a fireplace can lead to a potentially dangerous buildup of creosote a highly flammable, tar-like residue that collects in fireplace pipes.In these cases, certain liquid chemical catalysts may be sprayed directly onto the glaze to alter its chemical composition, turning it into a brittle or powdery condition so it can be swept out.Staying Safe with a Wood-Burning Fireplace or Woodstove.August, 2004: The US Govt.

Removing bird and animal nests, leaves, and other debris that may create a hazard by blocking the flow of emissions from a home heating appliance.
Second, we have not found chemical catalysts to be of any use whatsoever on first- or second- stage creosote deposits, which broc raiford bunny hop contest comprise about 90 of the deposits we find in chimneys (glaze deposits are an extremely rare occurance).
Wouldn't it fall into the fire, where it would likely ignite?
Washington Public Fire Educators (wpfe) is concerned about these claims.3rd stage must be removed before chimney is used.A thorough, professional cleaning also includes an inspection which could reveal potentially hazardous situations such as breaks or breaches in the flue.How Does Creosote Form?George Hill, hi bangladesh cricket jersey design contest George, It seems your closing point is already more than covered in the posts above, but I would like to address your earlier statement that any creosote that falls from the flue would land harmlessly into the fireplace, where it can.The first part of the answer is yes, they do work to some extent.