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Din tai fung raffles city menu

din tai fung raffles city menu

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Good thing is that the soup and noodle are packed separately.But anyway hope that the management will take this incident as reference to improve their quality of services and products.What type of product quality is this?E counter staffs there ready shown indifferen ce for customers like myself who orders food to away.No additives and preservatives added just like the authentic ones we have in Taiwan!But what happened next is that when I opened the bowl of soup my anger even rise, I ask myself do I buy a box of dry noodle that comes with small bowl of a soup together?But from now onward I may go to some other restaurant else for then.Located on the second floor mezzanine at the Raffles City Mall on Renmin Nan Road in the heart of Chengdu, this is a great addition to the stellar food scene in Chengdu.I sure that I able to find some better standard of noodles in any of the Foods Centre or Coffee shop then looking at what I brought from DTF now.The moment I saw that I was angry as I cant imagine how the noodle is going look like with this type of service quality.So I approach one of the staff and surprising ly my order is already behind the counter together with other few packed order have been left there for quite some time.

As for myself, this is a very much disappoint ment to DTF as I love the dumpling there.
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A very bad experience at Ding Tai Fung, Nex yesterday.Tea and beers are available of course to quench your.Till I noticed that Ill the only one standing outside the restaurant as it is not that crowded bicycle giveaway contests at that late dinner hour.That little portion size of soup not even enough to overlay the noodle.They also offer rice, vegetables, duck and almost all shopify discount code app meats prepared in various ways, to make your lunch quite varied.Thank you for registering with.Wide selection of dumplings, prawn, pork, truffle etc in small portions or large quantity.Available in a box of 10, these flavorful and buttery pineapple cakes are packaged in this pretty box, at just.80!