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Disney world giveaway facebook

disney world giveaway facebook

All official Disney pages klean sweep st clairsville allow Facebook users to post directly to the page in a new thread.
Never click ANY link from a page unless you hottopic promo code 2016 know it is official, and warn family and friends if you see them fall victim to these schemes.
That is actually in the title of the Facebook page.
Join the, im So Disney group on Facebook to discuss this and many other Disney things with anyone and everyone.There are several easy ways to spot a Disney trip giveway scam, and being able to identify the differences could ultimately protect you and your personal information from identity theft or your computer from information hacking.There are tons of pages with variations of the name, but only one page per location that features the correct name.Youve got to be extremely careful of these sites and Facebook pages because they are looking to get access to you.The fake pages are generally catagorized as Transport/Freight or Travel/Leisure.Official Facebook pages have a checkmark located right next to the page name in the header.There have been a number of Walt Disney World ticket, vacation, and trip scams being passed around lately, and they are only getting worse.Therefore there is only one Facebook page actually called Walt Disney World, Disneyland and Disney Cruise Line.(And the same methods can be applied to other fake pages as well).

You will know if Disney is behind it because there will be all kinds of rules, regulations, and disclaimers.
If it has any strange punctuation its not legit.
These sites are usually on Facebook and they want you to share a picture or advertisement so you can be entered into the free Disney World trip giveaway.Educating yourself on the ways to spot a fake Disney page, and ultimately a Disney trip giveaway scam is important.They want to get your personal information, hack your emails or credit card accounts, or get access to your pages so they can advertise and spam.Disney World., which is a clear indicator that the page is fake.Does the Page Allow Users to Post Directly to the Page.If not, then there is.99 chance that it is a scam.The official Walt Disney World and Disneyland Facebook pages will have likes and visits in the millions and a star ranking.Check to see the contest rules.The page category appears directly under the page name in the header.