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Does a stretch and sweep work at 40 weeks

does a stretch and sweep work at 40 weeks

Many women worry that an internal check showing a unripe cervix (very little dilation or effacement) means theyre a long way from labor.
A stretch and sweep is a simple procedure involving a gloved finger being inserted into the cervix and swept across the membranes.
I had it done around 10am and by 2pm contractions were coming.
quot;, mult" #2, guest_Cat-O-Holic posted, bump!
quot; Mult" #12 maneki_neko Posted Can't be sure as I disney ticket discount code tried pretty much everything that day - had a stretch and sweep in forever 21 promo coupons the morning (apparently I was a couple of cm dilated already but had no contractions etc then went for a huge walk.A SnS was done at 40 weeks, at11.30am, 1pm I was having contractions 20 min apart.quot;, mult" #7 Guest_Cat-O-Holic Posted Thanks everyone" (mummaorange @, 10:01 PM) post_snapback Is there a reason why they are inducing you when you will only be 4 days over?(I also tried castor oil, Sichuan chicken with extra chilli, pineapple, "guaranteed to bring on labour" eggplant parmigiana, and would have had sex with Donald Rumsfeld if that would have helped; failing that I took advantage of DH).When the doctor said "it's done".Lol tell DH to just get it onnnnnn lol!Try not to stress, you are definitely on the homestretch.I also had Oxytocin later to push it along.Many women can be dilated several cm and partially effaced for weeks before labor.Put it off as long as you can try for natural, but if things don't work out that way - don't stress too much, just remember you'll get to hold your baby after it's all done.DH won't have sex with me now because he's worried I'll bleed and drop a mucous plug on him!I'm having an other stretch and sweep tomorrow and if that doesnt' work will probably need to be induced" Mult" #18 Azadel Posted Sorry I had an S S at 401 that actually made things worse, well in terms of that my cervix closed.

Its common to experience some spotting after one, but this will occur whether or not labor is about to start, in most cases.
quot;, mult" #5, darkazhure.
In the meantime have lots of orgasmic sex, eat spicy food and relax :0) They're worried about my blood pressure and blood tests, they seem to be getting progressively worse so they think I need to deliver asap.
How many days over were you when you had it?
Come Thursday morning we met our baby boy.Try not to be too anxious, you will be holding your baby in no time at all. .Had a small amount of bleeding then it all stopped, nothing for the rest of the day or that evening. .quot; Mult" #20 bikingbubs Posted I had a stretch sweep done at 41 weeks which didnt work. .What If A Stretch Sweep Doesnt Work?Pg with #1 was exactly 42 weeks. .