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Employee contest prize ideas

employee contest prize ideas

CEO for the day, h and r block coupon code australia let an employee be CEO for the Day and proclaim a jeans day, potluck or make a speech at a team meeting.
Here are a couple examples: Books, as an employer, you can help provide the materials an employee needs to improve their mastery over a subject.
You can help them to amplify the impact they're making by giving them an option to make charitable donations as a reward for great work on the job.Brand-name thanks Give employees a branded treat expressing appreciation, such as Life Savers, Kudos bars, Million Dollar bars, etc.House cleaning You don't always need to give employees time away from the office to give them the gift of time.Tomek Jordan advisory board member at, repignite, interested in Sales Performance Management, Sales Incentive Management.Afterwards, go to dinner together.Concert tickets Local events are another great, custom-tailored reward you can offer your team.Wall of fame Create a Wall of Fame. .Value for the Effort, give reps prizes that they value.Memberships, there are some excellent online services out there that can help people learn new skills for free.Here are 52 ways you can start rewarding your employees today.Team-building Employee rewards don't have to be given on an individual basis.

If members of the team show interest in this type of reward, it's a great way to help them achieve their personal goals.
Time off Time is a person's most valuable resource, and it's the one thing you can never get back.
There are some other great resources available that you might find helpful too.
It may be a chart or graph that shows positive improvement or it may be a simple description of a project that highlights the benefits to the organization.
Continuing Education When treating sales contestants, encourage them to shoot for more training and education by awarding a three-day trip for a seminar or a semester of college.Post customer compliments, charts/graphs depicting positive progress, copies of certificates (e.g., training completed, awards, acknowledgment of achievement, etc.So, consider that any sales contest should have two budgets a macro- and micro-budget.It gives everyone time to enjoy each other's company in a different environment, and a different context.Gift Certificates Restaurant, grocery, entertainment gift, and all-purpose credit cards are perceived as values outside the compensation structure.Local attractions It doesn't matter where you're located there will always be local attractions.For example, send a quick email that says, Its a beautiful afternoon.Jeans day, give out coupons that allow employees to wear jeans on a day of their choosing, or designate an all-employee jeans day.Jill Evans Silman, MS-HRM, sphr, shrm-SCP, Senior Performance Consultant, Recruiting Services.