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Sundays are my only days-off with the exception of Thanksgiving beadaholique coupon codes and Christmas.
Bonus Fact!* Our Facebook page is there solely for the enjoyment of our fans and current clients.
You replied with your address on Thursday.
And charge actual money for crap!
And finally, I am deeply sorry for choosing you to receive a free portrait session.The second time, I explained that I had a bridezilla on my hands ( a couple of them, actually ) and asked * if it was ok* with you to reschedule.I mean, surely if you had a serious issue with it, you would have said so, so that I wouldnt have rescheduled you?I dont have much faith in it either.I do not give guarantees to anyone without a contract, because A: I can get into clifford smart start promo code legal trouble if something were to happen and their album was late, and B: because they are paying me a lot of money to deliver the biggest day.Im truly a con-job.I asked you to pay a measly 50 for your engagement session.Here is a list of reasons why. A friend wrote a email saying they really want the pictures and that she is ruining her whole experience.A regular bridal portrait session is 250, before tax, travel fees and prints.

How did you respond?
Gambol Photography was giving away a free bridal portrait in Charlotte.
Thats fine, theyll look hideous.Catering to your requests ( driving so far for your shoot, hiking, etc.But, its work and I dont complain, just wanted you to know that other little fun fact.So silly and unprofessional. We did a wedding the other weekend that was very plain and not well thought-out.I feel so sorry for the hundreds of other brides that put their names into the jar that we could have chosen. As far as the timeline, I believe I already voucher format free download addressed that quite enough in the section where I mentioned our currently contracted clients ( client being someone who has signed a contract to book us for their wedding day, paid the balance due.Thats totally our fault, and I can see now how huge of a mistake that was.Connect with us on, facebook!