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Give up phrasal verb

give up phrasal verb

I give uptell me the answer.
I gave up my faith years ago.
We'd given up hope of paid surveys com reviews ever having children.
The last example means to stop doing something and also to admit defeat.(Note: If you want to reach a high level of English, cadillac suv rebates click here.2to stop having a relationship with somebody Why don't you give him up?To admit defeat, to capitulate.I cant continue doing this.They gave up the search after 4 weeks.

To stop or desist; to quit.
She doesn't give up easily.
OK, I give up, you win.There are different ways to use this phrasal verb, but this is one of the most common.Share the video with your friends, and then read the article below.Add to my wordlist jump to other results 1 no passive to stop doing or having something She didn't give up work when she had the baby.Home vocabulary phrasal verbs Meaning of give up, here is the meaning of give up with examples: give up, definition.Verbs usually followed by -ing forms 2to spend time on a task that you would normally spend on something else I gave up my weekend to help him paint his apartment.Give Up Something, in the example I gave, I said the following: However, its also important to know that if you introduce more English into your life, then you have to give up other things.They gave him up for dead.If you havent done so already, download your.