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Government rebate scams

government rebate scams

Steve Kroft: Why didn't anybody anticipate that?
I've seen cases where 25 checks came to one address, and the mailman delivered.
Commissioner Koskinen: The prepaid cards are the currency of criminals.That's roughly 2,300 machines.Craig Caitlin: Here is a wire plastic with a card.In banks, hospitals, schools, clinics.Queenslanders are being warned about a new phone scam thats surfaced in Brisbane.

Craig Caitlin: Right off the shelf.
Steve Kroft: Forty percent of the time?
For a list of products that do, visit www.
Be especially suspicious of pairs of workers; one diverts homeowners while the other steals valuables.Someone steals your identity, files a bogus tax return in your name before you do and collects a refund from the IRS.The Queensland Government makes no direct payments to residents under the solar rebate scheme, Mr McArdle said.As for Corey Williams, he is now in jail serving his 40-month sentence.Corey Williams, cBS News, corey Williams: Anybody who knew about it, you'd be a fool to not try to get involved with making some money.It was the fraudster who used your identity to file the return.