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Hf contest software

hf contest software

This jidx contest contest can be configured for Japanese stations and DX stations.
Er zit geen beperking op banden (dus let op dat je op 40 en 80 meter logt).
It offers easy-to-use features that give you an edge during your planned operations.
Contest rules require the Multi-Operator stations use a single name throughout the entire contest.
If you do not have interfaced radios, this configuration and function key assignment will not work correctly for the Sprint.After you enter the callsign of the other station in the entry window, a new line in red type will appear below the buttons in the Entry Window to tell you the QTC status.Window: Select Log type Log Type: ukraindx Mode Category: mixed Sent Exchange: Oblast for Ukrainian stations Example: CH 001 for non-Ukrainian stations Note: Countries are counted per band for SSB, CW and rtty, because rtty is in a separate contest module they won't be counted.Example Call history RA1AR, LO RU1A,LO RU6FA, KM Log submission notes: 'category-overlay'.CQ Magazine and in, popular Communications.

The arrl 10M contest can be used by K/VE stations and DX stations.
These points are calculated based on QSO points and distance between the stations (based on exchanged discount tires locations naperville coordinates).
Towards the end of the contest, N1MM is running on 20m and ON5ZO finds him, ON5ZO sees that N1MM is a dupe because they QSO'd at the beginning of the contest.
Window: Select Log type Log Type: cqmmdx Mode Category: CW Sent Exchange: Continent (e.g.Txt Summary sheet File Export Print Score Summary to File m The pacc contest can be configured for PA stations and DX stations.Window: Select Log type CW Log Type: saccw Sent Exchange: 001 SSB Log Type: sacssb Sent Exchange: 001 The callsign in the Station Information dialog ( Config Change Your Station Data Call ) determines if you are a Scandinavian station or a DX station.Window: Select Log type Log Type: qcwaqso Mode Category: Mixed Exchange: Year licensed, Name, Chapter (or state/province/country) The unique scoring for operating within 50 miles of the special events station and the one QSO rule for your home chapter are not supported.HQ stations are recorded in the "Sect" column in the log.