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High school dunk contest 2017

high school dunk contest 2017

Creativity : Since Knox is a natural athlete who makes leaping look easy, he has grown comfortable throwing down a number of impressive dunksmany of which have come in game action.
Here's a look at some players to keep an eye on for future dunk contests.
So did Texas-bound, chasity Patterson,.Some of these guys could show up at the upcoming spring all-star games, while others could eventually make their way to the main stage of All-Star Weekend.NBA Dunker Comparison : Not many stand at 6'10" and are still elite dunkers like Porter, but Larry Nance is one of the early winners of the original dunk contests.March 31, Mar 30 Mar, elite stars ready to compete in the American Family Insurance High School Slam and Three-Point contest.The 6'6" Williamson is an explosive leaper who also has a big and strong enough frame to finish through contact at the rim.Savion Flagg is still working on shoring up his jumper, but he can rely on his ability to get in the paint and finish for now.Creativity : Gifted with that kind of leaping ability, Lewis has some fun with it when it comes to his dunks.6 of 8 Athleticism : Most people know Michael Porter.

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Competing in two dunk contests earlier in his career, Gay made a lot of big plays above the rim during his NBA career, and Knox could be capable of doing similar things.
Scottie Lewis drew national attention as an eighth-grader for his dunking prowess.
Creativity : Creativity might not be the biggest trademark of a Williams dunk contest, but you have to admire how smooth he is on the dunks he attempts.
Whether they are sensations like.
He's also had some unexpected dunks under the hoop that have caught bigger players off guard.Also capable of creative moves in the air using windmills, Flagg can make a lot of things happen while flying to the hoop.Williams has the cool and casual demeanor to make difficult dunks look easy, and that is a difficult feat to pull off in itself.NBA Dunker Comparison : There is a certain star quality, to Stanley and the ease of how he makes some things look calls to mind a bit of DeMar DeRozan.The 6-foot-3 guard from, pebblebrook (Mableton,.) delivered by winning the slam dunk contest in the Powerade Jam Fest on Monday night as part of the festivities at the McDonald's All American Games.Knox has already thrown down plenty of poster dunks during his high school career, and the former football player also isn't afraid of contact at the rim.It's hard to really label Williamson with a direct comparisonwhich is part of the reason why people are so intrigued by his meteoric rise.