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How to run a voting contest on facebook

how to run a voting contest on facebook

The best time to work on your next Instagram promotion is just before or right after your current contest ends.
#17: Run Another Contest Each time you run a Facebook contest, you learn a little bit more about your followers and fans, as well as what motivates them to engage with you and share your contest.
Try a combo like this: A jury selects winners among the 10 or 20 entries with the most votes.
If filling a form is required to enter, let them know that is the case, and use visuals as much as possible. .Determine if youll run on Instagram only or on multiple social platforms.If you email-gated your contest, send out an email to everyone who took part.Check Facebooks TOS before every contest you run.While your prize should match the entry action, it should also align with the interests of your target audience.Have win prizes online uk you run an Instagram contest?Visitors are prompted to scan the QR code to install our Facebook app.

In the past photos were stuck in drawers, sat on mantel pieces and were glued into albums.
Now that you know everything it takes to run a successful, engaging Instagram contest, go put your knowledge to work for your brand.
Why run a fan vote campaign?
Use digital image editing applications like Photoshop, gimp or T to create your image with a graphic overlay with simple home depot paint rebate memorial day instructions. Imagine those interactions and engagement on your Facebook page!Facebook Guidelines page before you launch your contest.Have your audience solely follow you or do so in addition to creating a post.Your list of answers for this - budget not considered - might be huge.The fewer form fields you include, the more likely people are to enter your contest.