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Ideas of things to raffle

ideas of things to raffle

Raffle Ideas, christmas is coming so quickly!
Raffle ideas auction gift basket lottery tickets - Google Search.
Cow Patty Raffle.Wine Pull Raffle.
For Raffle Tickets - Look here.And it's a pretty cool and effective idea!Offer generally popular items to help make a budget raffle prize universally appealing so that more jet vac pool cleaner hose people are likely to buy tickets.And remember that many of the below ideas can be mixed and used together!Prohibited Prizes and other Prize Conditions.Offer a moderately priced vacuum, a kids bike, the latest iPod, a hand drill, a fancy vase, a microwave or a decorative dish set.RaffleLinks prize sourcing service is an additional service we offer our Australian online raffle clients and involves the sourcing distribution of prizes on your behalf.Offer a prize that is expensive, but a little less extravagant, by treating winners to a taste of local luxuries.Encourage your helicopter pilot to circle and swoop over the field quite a bit to provide some intense anticipation before he drops the parcel.

And you can get your tickets here.
Target audience and prize appeal, consider your ticket buying audience in terms of demographics such as age, gender, socio-economic status and location, then choose prizes that would appeal to this audience.
The batter bowl makes a cute "basket!" (Regram from @tracy_hensel).
You can also use a gift card to a department store, bookstore, restaurant, salon, spa, music store, craft store, hardware store or grocery store as a prize.Unique prizes which are highly sought after can command a higher ticket price such as limited edition items like memorabilia or A Reserve show or sports event tickets.Raffle ideas, red White Black Plaid Mug Set with Holder.This wood pallet creative mud kitchen do offer with the unique giant structural designing framework of mud kitchen creation.Read here for great ways of making a 50/50 raffle fundraiser super successful.A bath product gift basket can include quality loofahs, natural pumice stones, relaxing bath oils, moisturizing bath salts, scented bubble bath, herbal lotions, fragranced candles and handmade soaps.The ball that then goes in the hole, or is nearest to the pin, is the winner!The basket should offer different selections of a single type of food, such as gourmet jam, exotic fruit, smoked meat or handmade candy.Fall, Christmas, Summer, and Spring.