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Is the pch sweepstakes legit

is the pch sweepstakes legit

The catch: At some point, said a PCH official, a scam artist will ask you to send money, to pay some type of elf cosmetics promo code august 2017 fees in order to get your prize.
Denise Ruffin of Cleveland got a letter from what she thought was the Publishers Clearing House saying she was a big winner.5 million.
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What else to know: If you didnt enter, you didnt win."There are some folks who will win it, and they'll be very very fortunate."A Petersburg resident visited our office today with one of these letters and a check for 6750.95 Tom Gallagher, president and CEO of BBB Serving Central Virginia, said.If asked to contact a claims agent with or without an accompanying (fake) check know the call-back number is to a scammer.That tempting but elusive bounty odds of winning are 1.7 billion will actually be awarded Feb.According to PCH, winning entrants of the contest must be located and sign an Affidavit of Eligibility within 30 days of being chosen as the winner or another entrant will be selected.The Federal Trade Commission reports that proclaimed winners ages 55 to 64 are twice as likely to fall for sweepstakes scams compared to younger Americans, and those 65 and older have almost triple the gotcha rate.I really won Ruffin, 57, said.

While claire's uk coupon code this scam predominantly takes advantage of individuals, business owners also need to be aware that their company's name could potentially be used by fraudsters to pull off this con.
Usually requested by money order, wire transfer or prepaid debit card, amounts range from several hundred to thousands of dollars.
Although there are other Prize Lies, the biggest jackpot for scammers continues to be in pretending to be from PCH and theyre currently offering nefarious notifications of winning the advertised 5,000-a-week-forever prize.
The catch with these notices is the scammers ask you to wire them money first to cover the taxes on the winnings.They strictly notify winners by mail or in person.BBB's advice if you receive a similar letter, email or phone call from Publishers Clearing House: One of the easiest things to do is to look up the PCH phone number yourself (from a trusted source like BBB) and give them a call; representatives from.Expect more of the same throughout 2016.If the phone call or letter you've received asks for money, bear in mind that the real PCH says; "winning is always free." Consumers should never wire money to an unknown individual or company in order to receive something in return.The same letter was received by a Petersburg resident last week.If the scammer smooth-talks you into paying the initial requested amount, expect to be bombarded with seemingly endless phone calls and letters alleging new, unexpected fees until youre bled dry.If you entered and actually win a big PCH prize, a Prize Patrol van will contact you in person, complete with oversized check and camera crew.If asked for details of financial accounts under the lie of crediting an account with your winnings, realize thats another scam.