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Kohl's employee discount rules

kohl's employee discount rules

You are doing this everytime you leave things in a fitting room.
Now addressing each customer, silene there is no such 5 max rule for our fitting rooms that I am aware of, and either way the associate was completely out of line for expecting you to know such a rule if it existed.
Next your manager repremands you for not doing it ALL.
We do have an account with them, however given our history of abusing credit cards we dont care to use credit of any kind.
Then, when the bill comes they pay the minimum amount plus interest. .Also just a mere suggestion, but not a strict rule: Comments and posts are marked as edited by an asterisk after three minutes.Kimberley I'm very sorry the only way to get cash back at kohls these days is to pay in cash.Your associate discount is not applied to Wayfair products.I was shopping with my 2 children when a Kohls employee yelled, yes yelled at my 5 year old son for touching a button.As a mental health professional I can guarantee you that it takes much more to traumatize anyone.Click associate services at the bottom of m to log in and print your discount card.I asked the associate, are you speaking to my son?I am so sorry for the way you were treated.

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No one wants to clean up after you!
Heres how our purchase broke down: Dress Pants: Regular price :.00, sale Price :.99, after 30 off :.40.
And your last comment is just absurd people have a right in this country to try for additional discounts bartering is not dead.
Online: Valid online with a Kohl's Charge only.
Its all too easy to do so because its no money out of their pocket at that moment.There is absolutely no excuse for yelling at any customer, or even co-workers when customers are around (pry shouldn't yell at them anyway, since you have to work with them).True I do work over night so I see customers on rare occasions when we are open later than normal, however I used to work alone (most of the time) in a small retail store and was always working with customers there.It would be lovely to see the store and the customers both happy.If you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions about the subreddit in particular, do not hesitate to reach out to the mods, and we will be happy to help you as best as we can.