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Paid survey scam

paid survey scam

Some surveys are conducted as part of legitimate public opinion research., related Posts: The Do Not Call Registry and Unwanted Calls.
The caller pretends to do a research survey to exploit a loophole in the federal Do Not Call law for legitimate surveys; jml promo code december 2015 in fact, he really wants to sell Shirley a high-end vacation package.
It turns out that the surveyor who called her the week before was running a magazine scam.You may wish to file a report about survey scams or National Do Not Call Registry violations with the Federal Trade Commission as follows: Federal Trade Commission, bureau of Consumer Protection 600 Pennsylvania Avenue.You later find out the personal information you gave out during the phony survey is used against you by a scammer.Even basic information can be used against you by scammers.Its a good thing he did, because the surveyor was a scammer.Shirley has her phone number on the National Do Not Call Registry.Two months later, the scammer may call the citizen back, pose as his bank, tell him there were fraudulent charges against his bank account, and ask for his account number to stop the fraud.Scams and crooked deals are everywhere today, often where we least expect.The scammer may pose as a surveyor to get high street shopping voucher codes the recipient of the call to relax and engage in conversation.The scammer may use a phony survey to get the citizen to give up personal information.Or the scammer may use knowledge obtained during the survey to gain credibility with the consumer.Remember, knowledge is power.

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Fourth, scammers use surveys to obtain a persons financial information.
Most survey scams operate across state borders.
A reputable survey will never ask for your Social Security number, money, password, or bank account information.
While there are polling and research companies that legitimately want your opinion, some supposed surveyors are scam artists in disguise.For example, the surveyor may ask the consumer where he banks.Second, information not readily known to the public is valuable to scammers.Dont just rely on caller ID to tell you who is calling.Tom gets nervous and hangs up the phone.