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Radio contests ideas

radio contests ideas

Take advantage of this phenomenon by running a contest that rewards the cutest, funniest or scariest dog as defined by the total number of public votes.
You could also run this type of contest separate from any other campaign.
A huge giveaway of truly amazing money-cant-buy prizes, billed as The Last Contest.Play a song or a clip of audio from a certain year and have listeners call in ad guess what year it is from.To actually have a winner going into this year makes it even better.Lateral Thinking Puzzles, this contest is a bit more intricate than the other ideas.Try running.Pictures are very engaging and are likely to be widely shared.Vote contests can be used to: Determine what products will go on sale Determine which product to ship Choose best dish of the year at a restaurant Etc.Fox FM married a couple after their first meeting.

If one of your lucky contestants puts all the items in the correct order, they win all the prizes on the list and Odds On picks up the tab.
In fact, it can usually be heard quite frequently on the air waves.
Companies might decide to award all participants who score over a certain amount, or simply choose a winner from the entire car parts wholesale free shipping coupon code number of users who participated.While the days of the family gathering around the radio have long past, people still tune in for music, news and entertainment.A horse was involved.The Celebrity Party, made famous on 2Day.Best call won the prize.This type of contest is great for radio stations, travel agencies, local tourism boards, and other types of businesses.The Caravan of Courage, hamish and Andys annual road trip, which was covered on air and also on television.At the end of the campaign they can simply choose a winner from everyone who Likes their page.The Ultimate Ear Test, also known as The Secret Sound.You know who you are.