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Raffle tickets price ideas

raffle tickets price ideas

Here are some raffle angelus press discount code prize ideas you may want to consider.
High-end raffle Awesome prize with stratospheric ticket prices and a limited number of tickets.
Wine Pull Raffle: Absolutely love this fundraiser!
This Heli Drop can also be incorporated into the legit contests Golf Ball Drop down below.Use of a limousine for an evening.A fun way to raise funds is by doing an art raffle fundraiser.Sellers must have a thick skin and be tenacious.Relatively simple to setup, Can compliment almost any fundraiser, Will help you raise more at your events, And can be brilliantly profitable!Dream theme raffle The proverbial big prize format offering a drawing for a new car, new home, dream vacation, etc.

And it's a pretty cool and effective idea!
Offer sales prizes Award prizes for hitting certain sales levels.
That means getting the most publicity possible and offering tickets in many different ways.
Kiosk workers hawk everything from software to bejeweled faux hair clip ponytails from language CDs to ceramic hair straighteners.
Read more in the guest article below.Her auction ideas are used by hundreds of charities, and her popular, free Auction Item GuideTM win a free hunting trip 2015 is downloaded by dozens each day who seek auction procurement help.How To Sell More Raffle Tickets.They are those mini-stores within the mall.The Golf Ball Drop works by people purchasing numbered golf balls.You could feature on our next blog post!Ask for help, tell why youre raising funds, and use the word because.