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Remittance voucher cra

remittance voucher cra

If you do, specify the year to which you want the payment applied.
This is the total CPP and EI (both employer and employee portions and income tax you are remitting.
You can file your return early and make a post-dated payment.
For more information visit the CRA website).
This includes any employee for whom you will prepare a T4 slip, such as part-time and temporary employees, and employees absent with pay.Bottom part, this part is the remittance form for current remittances.Therefore, they should enter either 15th or month-end as their end of remitting period on the remittance form.The recipient will date-stamp the bottom part and return the top part to you as a receipt.Balance owing (CRA when you completing your tax return, you may calculate that you have cincinnati zoo discount code 2016 a balance owing on line 485.For more information, please visit: ml, important dates -Canada Revenue Agency start to charging compound daily interest on any outstanding balance for 2013 starting May 1, 2014, until you pay it in full.For more information on interest and penalties, please visit: ml).If you have various pay groups (for example, executive, hourly, and salaried include all employees paid in each groups last pay period, but do not count any person twice.When you complete your return, claim this amount on line 476.Do not include those you did not pay in the last pay period of the remitting period, such as employees on unpaid leave.Threshold 1 accelerated remitters have two remitting periods per month.

As long as you file your return on time and pay by April 30, 2014, Canada Revenue Agency will not charge you interest on your balance owing.
The end of remitting period (YY MM DD).
Generally, if this amount is 2 or less for 2013, you do not have to make a payment.The gross payroll for the remitting period (rounded to the nearest dollar).The number of employees in the last pay period.This represents all remuneration that you pay before you make any deductions, such as income tax.When you make your remittance at your financial institution or tax centre, complete the top and the bottom and present them with your remittance.It includes regular wages, commissions, overtime pay, paid leave, taxable benefits and allowances, piecework payments, and special payments.Form PD7A-RB has two parts: Top part.