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Selfie contest wow

selfie contest wow

Then, submit the hybrid hot water heater rebate image on the contest page.
A).2 is on the way, and if you think theres nothing to do right now, you need to open your fucking eyes and take a look.
You obviously derive no enjoyment from the game in the state it is in now, so why are you playing?Cause its not that either.Stop trying to make us advertise for you.B) I like not being able to fly, it makes you actually experience things.Good news for World of Warcraft players!D)How are we advertising for them by taking amusing screenshots and submitting them into a contest?Its a rather novel feature but it looks like Blizzard wants gamers to take full advantage.I know I was, long before the camera was but a twinkle in a devs eye.They are complaining because its just another sign that the game is losing its dark and foreboding aspect in favor of cutesy pop culture.Hold your horses, kid.Hey everyone, cows and pandas shooting lightning bolts from their hands is dark AND serious.

What on Earth constitutes a real fan?
Or are you making a gay/trans/generally offensive joke here?
Besides, we would like to introduce you the best site to buy.Yesterday, Blizzard announced a, selfie Scavenger Hunt competition-thing.Offensive to whom, exactly?This is like a big middle finger to all WoW players.Now participate in the contest to win the prize.