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Sweep your own flue

sweep your own flue

Place the correctly-sized brush inside the fire opening.
How often to remove creosote to prevent chimney fires.
2, holding the old bed sheet over the fire opening, Duct tape all along the top edge of the sheet, securing it to the top of the fireplace opening.
Tip: Save money and avoid a long wait by having your chimney inspected and cleaned in the spring.Steps 1, cut the brush down to a size a little bigger than that of the flue.All you need are a set of drain rods a chimney sweeping brush and an old sheet or newspapers taped in place in front of the fireplace.Put on your mask and gloves.

They warned me that if The Chimney Lining Friend insisted on coming on Monday he would probably want to do a smoke test.
And the National Fire Protection Association recommends that chimneys, fireplaces and vents be inspected at least once per year.
Have the chimney swept as often as necessary to keep it clean.
Tools of the trade (what you need.
4, take your leading rod and push it through the hole in the bed sheet.Never be tempted to let the chimney go from one year to the next without being swept.Thick, schedule a cleaning soon.If smoke comes out of more than one pot, you have a leakage.On the downward path repeat the sweeping twisting action.3, place the correct sized brush inside the fire opening.Cut the brush down to a size a little larger than that of the flue.