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Sweepstakes frauds

sweepstakes frauds

The common feature of the majority of these scams is an unsolicited contact with the victim by the scammer.
Keep in mind that many questionable prize promotion companies dont stay in one place long enough to establish a track record, so if no complaints come up, its no guarantee that the offer is real.
At the very least, they can block that particular number from calling you back.
Highly suspicious of this behavior, Maryann's husband called the corporate office for the dealership that the callers claimed to be representing.Because VoIP services like Skype do such an amazing job of providing low-cost telephone calling from around the world.It is easier said than done, and many people leave the presentation having committed to purchase something they don't need and can't afford.Instead, you get "discounts" on trinkets "worth" thousands of dollars.When the victim clicks the link, a piece of malware is installed on their phone that steals credit card and banking information.Here are some things to watch out for when you answer the phone: Asking for a Lot of Personal Information: Legitimate companies will already have the information you submitted through the entry form.

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Legally, they arent even allowed to improve the odds of someone who makes a purchase.
The next evolution of the prize/sweepstakes scam is an appeal to the victim through a text message.
7, read the fine print.
If a prize seems fishy, a simple Google search with the name of the organization accompanied by the word "scam" will often tell you right away the kind of organization you are dealing with.It can be 5 Alert the Internet Crime Complaint Center.A skills contest where you do things like solve problems or answer questions correctly can ask you to pay.Pressure to Answer Immediately: Legitimate sweepstakes sponsors understand that people might have some questions for them, too.Your states attorney verizon promotion code generals office will have a division devoted to consumer protection issues.By, sandra Grauschopf, updated November 04, 2017, sweepstakes Scams by Telephone: More Common Than You Might Think.Win notices from foreign lotteries are even more suspicious.When the fake award letters come in the mail, theyll often direct you to contact a claims agent, who is ostensibly a person designated to handle your winnings.