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Tardy sweep

tardy sweep

I dont have perfect attendance, but I have good attendance, so just the goodyear rebate forms 2017 fact that surface pro student discount uk you have a tardy is enough.
The first short week of school there were practice sweeps without consequences, but now that were on a regular schedule, the sweeps have gone live.
Ultimately, however, the policy has more drawbacks than benefits to students.
Collisions between students are inevitable.
These stations will be an administrator or Campus Supervisor writing Tardy Detentions at the following locations: 118 117, math hallway, band Hallway 300 200F, procedures for Teachers teaching class during a Tardy Sweep. The administrator or campus supervisor will assign a detention for the next available day after school.Even before its enforcement, even the mention of tardy sweeps caused an uproar among the University High School community.Basically were just using the data online so if a teacher marks you tardy, were not going to call you out right then, but youll get an email for detention later if its a selected period.We just started it this quarter, so were trying to figure it out and make it work well so that next year we can run things like this consistently, Schooler said.This has made it difficult to do the sweeps, because it was hard to know who should or shouldnt be in class at that time.If being late is worth 25 minutes of your lunch, then thats your decision.They tardy sweeps have been effective and have helped motivate students to get to class on time, Associate Principal Mark Larson said.Nevertheless, this is high school.

The threat of missing important class time or an exam simply for being a few seconds late is an effective incentive for students.
Encourage students to get to class on time.
Digital barbed wire: Yes, social media should be censored).
Schooler hopes that students will try to get to class more often because they dont want to be caught in a tardy sweep and get a detention.However, placing students into categories of tardy and not tardy does not solve any of the problems the UHS administration has been trying to counter.In an effort to cut down on tardies at the beginning american discount foods facebook of the school day, 2nd period is now fair game.Parents are not infallible; they can wake up late, lose their car keys or go through other troubles. If the student misses the detention, the detention will go to 60-minutes.The tardy sweeps dont solve these tardy dilemmas; they add to to the ever growing list of problems students encounter daily.The questions were all serious things on how were going to improve ourselves and why were such bad students, even though everyone in there probably had perfect attendance except for that one day.