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Vendor rebates peoplesoft

vendor rebates peoplesoft

Remit From Customer Displays the sears promotion code nov 2014 remit from customer that is associated with the customer and vendor on the claim.
This process generates a hard copy of the claim.
After you select this option, the Rebate Agreements group box is not available.
It victoria secrets coupon codes also creates a claim voucher with the collected amounts.
In addition to the rebate claim life cycle, the claims management workbench enables the rebate manager to handle outstanding situations such as deferring a claim to the next payment cycle, or creating a deduction or reversing a deduction that is created in the next period.You can modify this claim due date if the claim status is Open or Approved.PeopleSoft Receivables Claim Processing Flow for Vendor Rebates In PeopleSoft Receivables, two different processes can occur when you are integrating with PeopleSoft Purchasing for vendor rebate agreements.Values are: All Rebate IDs: Select this option to notify rebate managers of vendor rebate claims that are generated for all vendor rebate agreements.Purchases over 500,001 USD receive a 3 percent rebate.The method of payment will be by check.If the voucher was available for the receipt transaction at the time of rebate accruals generation or if the transaction is related to a voucher, then the transaction status is Vouchered.Usually the higher the threshold, the greater the rebate percentage, thus awarding a greater vendor rebate amount for a supplier who makes large purchases.

Standard/Stepped rebate rule types specify a rebate factor percentage that is based on the defined purchase threshold levels during the rebate agreement life.
Select a process action of Cancel Deduction to initiate the Process Vendor Claims process.
Also, the Claim Status Action and Claim Processing Action fields are not available for entry until the requested processing action has finished and this button no longer appears.
The claims management functionality in PeopleSoft Purchasing is the driver and central location for all PeopleSoft Payables and PeopleSoft Receivables transactions that are sourced for claims.
You must manually apply the credit memo payments on the maintenance worksheet to indicate the base and VAT amounts if any for each item.Claim Adjust (Claim Amount Original Claim Amount) Additional Links Incoming Payments Click this link to access the Claim Reconciliation - Incoming Payments page.The system displays all claims for which the claim due date is prior to or equal to the date that is specified.Incoming Payments Amount Collected The amount collected in the rebate agreement currency appears by default from the claim settlement.Vendor Rebate Definition, the most important step in managing a successful vendor rebate program is the accurate definition of vendor rebate agreements.