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Webster's dictionary contest

webster's dictionary contest

The losing candidate is contesting the results of the election.
Recent Examples of contest from 3 point contest winner 2015 the Web The Republican Party is in the midst of its own civil war, one likely to play out.O.P.
1 noun rs, updated on:, what's Trending Now More Trending Words 1 chiefly Scotland : the act of running 2 a : a strong or rapid current of water flowing through a narrow channel b : a watercourse used industrially c : the current flowing.
Take THE quiz Test Your Knowledge - and learn some interesting things along the way.The deceased's relatives are contesting his will.2017 Schara's public defender did not contest bail and did not comment on the specifics of the case in court.The truck's engine was racing.Several of the dead man's relatives are contesting disputing, challenging his will (in court).Brian kalt, Daily Intelligencer, "The Case Against Using the 25th Amendment to Get Rid of Trump 14 Oct.1 verb contest kn-test, kän-test, updated on:, what's Trending Now More Trending Words intransitive verb transitive verb : to make the subject of dispute, contention, or litigation; especially : dispute, challenge.Origin and Etymology of contest Middle French contester, from Latin contestari ( litem ) to bring an action at law, from contestari to call to witness, from com- testis witness more at testament contest Synonyms Synonyms challenge, dispute, impeach, oppugn, query, question Antonyms accept, believe.2017 Back then, there were fiddler conventions that really were talent contests.

I'll race you to see who gets there first.
M, "FanView: All 5 English Teams Look Revitalised in the Champions League One Will Finish Victorious 3 Nov.
Popularity contest noun plural popularity contests plural popularity contests, learner's definition of popularity contest count : a contest or situation in which the person who wins or is most successful is the one who is most popular rather than the one who is most skillful.
She hopes to win the contest for mayor.
First Known Use of race 15th century race Synonyms Synonyms battle, contend, face off, fight, compete, rival, vie Antonyms crawl, creep, poke Related Words challenge, engage, play ; jockey, jostle, maneuver ; go out, try out ; train, work Near Antonyms dally, dawdle, dillydally, drag.Bruce vielmetti, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, "Second girl in Slender Man stabbing case is committed to a mental hospital 5 Oct.Drucker, m, "Trump, Heritage, and the.O.P.s White Identity Crisis 27 Oct.Subscribe to America's largest dictionary and get thousands more definitions and advanced searchad free!Law Dictionary 1 contest transitive verb contest kn-test : to dispute or challenge through legal procedures contest a will 2 contest noun contest kän-test : a challenge brought through formal or legal procedures boundary controversies or other contests between states Felix Frankfurter ; specifically.Examples of contest in a Sentence Contest winners receive a cash prize.The rule is being contested by a number of students at the university.Origin and Etymology of contest see 1contest contest Synonyms Synonyms ball game, battle, combat, competition, conflict, confrontation, contention, dogfight, duel, face-off, grapple, match, rivalry, strife, struggle, sweepstakes ( also sweep-stake tug-of-war, war, warfare Related Words horse race, nail-biter ; showdown ; clash, collision, discord, friction.