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What is no contest plea

what is no contest plea

Vedere Anche: Impostazioni: Un clic sulla parola: la traduce non fa niente, ricerche recenti: WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2017: Principal Translations/Traduzioni principali plea (request) ( figurato ) preghiera, supplica nf, gareth's plea for mercy fell on early payment discount formula deaf ears.
One having two or more distinct and independent grounds of complaint for the same issue and requiring each one of those grounds to be answered separately.
While technically not an admission of guilt for commission of the crime, the judge will treat a plea of "no contest" as such an admission and proceed to find the defendant guilty as charged.
L'imputato ha inoltrato una dichiarazione di non colpevolezza.One that contests the grounds of a plaintiffs case, other than its merits, such as wrong jurisdiction, wrong defendant, or other defects in the procedure.WordReference English-Italiano Dictionary 2017: Compound Forms/Forme composte cop a plea.One directly responding to the particulars of the plaintiffs charges.Traduzioni aggiuntive plea (excuse) scusa nf pretesto nm, ken begged off on the plea his car had broken down."No contest" is also used where there has been a "plea bargain" in which the defendant does not want to say he/she is guilty but accepts the sentence recommended by the prosecutor in exchange for not contesting the charge (which is often reduced.

Plea in abatement, a dilatory plea objecting to the time, method or place of the plaintiffs assertion, but not addressing any of that assertions underlying merits.
A "no contest" plea is often made in cases in which there is also a possible lawsuit for damages by a person injured by the criminal conduct (such as reckless driving, assault with a deadly weapon, aggravated assault because it cannot be used in the.
Negotiated plea (law: plea bargaining) ( di pena ) patteggiamento nm steve harvey com contest plea bargain ( diritto ) patteggiamento nm plea bargaining uncountable (pleading guilty to a lesser charge) patteggiamento nm plea in bar (law: nullifies plaintiff claim) ( che annulla la domanda dell'accusa ) difesa dell'imputato nf plea.
An answer in an equity case telling why a suit should be barred, delayed, league of legends promo codes list 2014 or dismissed.
La star del cinema ha lanciato un appello al pubblico per conto del fondo di solidarietà per il terremoto.A statement in defense or justification; excuse an earnest and urgent request; appeal; entreaty.An accused persons formal reply to a charge in a criminal court, the choices being guilty, not guilty, and nolo contendere (no contest).It is standard practice for the judge to ask either the attorneys or the defendant, "Is there a factual basis for the plea?" before accepting it and finding the defendant guilty.Law a pleading or allegation, now, esp., in a civil action the response of a defendant to criminal charges: a plea of not guilty, origin of plea, middle English plai from Old French plaid, suit, plea from Classical Latin placitum, opinion, order, origin, originally that.Ken ha rifiutato con la scusa che la sua macchina si era guastata.US (enter a plea bargain) ( legale ) fare un patteggiamento, patteggiare vtr guilty plea, plea of guilty (law: admission of responsibility) ammissione di colpevolezza nf make a plea (plead, appeal for sth) lanciare un appello, fare un appello vtr The film star made a plea.One intent on establishing a fact not in the bill that, if established, negates the merit of the complainants case.Plea (legal: to court) ( diritto ) dichiarazione nf ( diritto ) causa nf ( diritto ) argomento di difesa nm, the defendant entered a plea of not guilty.